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After working with thousands of companies and helping them craft awesome pitch decks, here's everything we've learned over the years condensed in one simple template.


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How to write a killer Startup Pitch Deck

The most effective business pitch deck is generally achieved after numerous versions of working on the same presentation. Perfecting slides requires strategy, a lot of thought and effort, and slick design.

Here at Slidebean, we work hard at giving startups and entrepreneurs the best resources to meet their business goals. So, here is a new customizable startup pitch deck template we have made available for you. We will go over it together to make sure you can make the best of your upcoming business presentation.

What to include in your Pitch Deck

1- The Pitch Deck Cover

A very sober first slide that introduces your company name and your presentation purpose is generally okay to stand on stage or in the office as you and your audience get ready for what you are about to showcase.

Take it easy and keep this simple. A really good image of your company is usually a good replacement for the stock picture we have included in this template.

2- The Pitch Deck Problem Slide

From an intro, we typically go into the problem your product or service is solving for a new potential market. If you click thrice after the problem title appears, you will note we have added 3 different insertions of dummy text for you.

That is so because we truly believe in just 3 very clear and irrefutable (truly undebatable!) statements to enrich this section. Many entrepreneurs infestate this slide with tons of text and material. However, we believe in the power of keeping this effectively succinct.

After all, this is a template, so let it guide you to make the best of it. You can always decide on your personal edits to the material later.

Is There a Solution to Every Problem?

And for every problem we just outlined, we neatly and quite visually present 3 solutions. See how we included very clear visuals here with a minor descriptor on the bottom? The idea is to help you decipher the quickest way to communicate what your product or service achieves in a way that is understandable to all.

The above will easily allow you to have 3 also very clear statements tackling the problem we just presented. There is no complication possible to the slide with fancy tech knowledge or any complicated explanations. On the contrary, we keep it simple and to the point, which is always a great way to start!

3- Time to Show Your Product

The 1 min video we added to this pitch deck template is a quick and easy way to display your product. By the way, making it available across social media platforms allows us to simply link a YouTube showcase to your pitch deck presentation, for example, a feature we clearly make use of very conveniently from within our presentation platform.

If there is no way to show your product quite so easily at this time, whether by snapshots or video, pitching is probably not the best of ideas for your business right now. Filling up this slide content should be a very easy and pride-filling moment for you in many ways.

Take a second slide as the next one that follows in case you can truly emphasize what was just iterated in an equally attractive way.

Bringing Out Your Product Features

The latter section will expand into a slide where you will nail down your top 5 product features in a quite simple manner. How these features are tied to benefits we provide to an industry or market in innovative ways could be one of the main concerns as you fill in this slide. More than just a very attractive new feature on its own, how these descriptions enrich your market offer is a good point of departure.

4- Describing Your Business Model on a Slide

Whatever number best describes your possibilities for business dimension estimates is a great one to display in big figures on this slide. That is why that is precisely what we have inserted for you here. Presenting your revenue model in simple terms might not be the easiest task in the world, but it is just classy business elegance any founder should strive to afford.

Achieving Convincing Business Traction

We made it very clear on our pitch deck template how to best optimize your traction slide. Truly add those ravishing couple of figures that really make an impact. This is a slide for you to brag. Take into account that the steeper you manage to make this chart, the better it is.

5- How to Go-to-Market and Share its Size

Presenting strategies on market insertion should be the main focus of this slide. These are your plans and ideas on how to best insert your product or service to new markets. This by no means is an attempt to be definite about how this will happen, but a slide to show what your thoughts and business plans are around this.

Of course, this slide is naturally followed by the size of the market in which you are planning insertion, as it gives us all the information that we need to know about your business opportunity. Companies like yours might possess data on this that could nurture your market size slide, for example.

Who Will You Be Targeting?

Within the scope of your market analysis, expand on your target market next. The graphics we have added should quite simply help narrow down the targeted audience.

6- How to Present Your Competition

With the competitive audience slide, the table should make fully clear how your features will help differentiate you from your competitors in significant terms. Hopefully, as our example shows, some of your competitors will have a somewhat similar offer as yours already in function in the target market, but your offer will come in to solidify a strengthening factor that is attractive to investors and in the market.

Analyzing and acknowledging your competition is a great practice as it shows how studied and knowledgeable you are about your area of business.

7- What Makes Your Business Unique?

Up to here, it should be easy to thus define what your strength areas are to the level of description of your unique advantages. What technologies or innovations will you use that make your startup unique? As there should be a compendium of considerations for that to happen, we have added a few buttons here for you to drive that point across.

8- Relevance of Your Team

Your team slide, we have often said, should be one about founders or just key people to show that you have the most qualified and best set of players that are just the perfect fit to bring your business forth with great capacity. What is important here is to show how your decision-making has been ideal for bringing together just the right kind and sets of people that will concisely achieve what your business needs to make revenue and profit.

9- Financials and Fundraising

Numbers, numbers, and more figures! Break it down!

Leave financials clear in transparent ways, such as the formats we present here, which allow you to convey a vision of your business financials over time.

How much investment is required to take your company to the next level is part of what is defined in your fundraising slide. Growth acceleration, in basic terms yet also per milestone, should set a clear understanding of what expenditure will be needed in which areas to achieve your next big break for more revenue and profitability.

After all, that is precisely why your pitch deck was necessary as part of your pitch deck presentation, right? Rely on these figures and present them wisely. We hope you have the best of successes with our pitch deck template! Scout the rest of our templates to find out more!

Go ahead a download our free PDF pitch deck template or customize it on our platform.

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