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The easiest fundraising documents generator to get you rolling in minutes, not weeks.
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Here’s What you Get

One guided questionnaire that generates 5 fundraising must-haves

Investor Pitch Deck

The most effective pitch deck out of our catalog, that has been evolved over numerous versions. It has the perfect slide strategy covering every...
Document type:
Slidebean Presentation

Company Profile

9 slide deck to let your prospective clients, partners & key stakeholders know who you are and what your company does!
Document type:
Slidebean Presentation

Brand Book

This brand book template will help you define the guidelines every party must follow so the presence of the brand is never affected or...
Document type:
Slidebean Presentation

One Pager Company Summary

An executive summary of your pitch deck condensed into a single-page document that you can easily share with investors and key stakeholders
Document type:
Google Doc

Financial Model

A good financial model is the basis for managing your runway, tracking your expenses, and projecting your growth. We’ve made...
Document type:
Google Sheets

Investor Finder & CRM

The ability to discover the right investors to reach out to for your business. Once you’ve established a connection, use our CRM to manage these relationships.
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