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Superpeer is a company that wants to make communications easier for everyone in a time when connectivity is vital. This platform allows people to stream live to an audience, create and sell courses, and hold one-on-one video calls. It’s face-to-face when face-to-face isn’t possible. 

Potential partners get information to help them understand the Superpeer platform before they come on board. One key component is a 10-slide deck that aids in successfully navigating the platform, but it needed improvement.

“The layout was very wordy,” Superpeer Content Manager Casey Rock explained. “Without a lot of chunking or visuals for aid. The CEO, Devrim Yasar, who has experience with pitch decks, suggested a redesign.” 

So, Superpeer reached out to Slidebean with two goals in mind. The first was to merge their brand guidelines and website design into the document. The second was to keep all the essential information in the text-heavy slides while making them appealing and easy to read. 

As for Slidebean, working with Superpeer went beyond a 10-slide deck. As Superpeer users, Slidebean knew firsthand the versatility and power this platform had. So, this challenge went both ways. 

Matching website design and brand guidelines with creativity

Superpeer wanted to instill the brand guidelines and the website design into the ten-slide package, which can sometimes be a challenge. Lucía Barrantes, Project Manager at Slidebean, explains that it’s frequent to find a customer with brand guidelines and a website design that don’t match. She also added that Superpeer’s approach proved invaluable for the project. 

“The customer had a clear idea, and we also had full liberty on how to do it. That was one of the coolest things about this project - they allowed us 100% creative freedom”. Such creative freedom was essential as the project presented one big challenge. 

“Our pitch deck references are clean and have little text. So, the customers see them and want the same. Sometimes, it’s hard to translate something with too much content into a minimalist design. This job had a lot of information and text, so it was a big challenge.”

Getting the point across to prospective partners was essential – as it impacts Superpeer’s partnership success. So, for Barrantes, it would still cause a significant impact, even being a smaller project. 

Here's how Slidebean uses Superpeer

Simplicity and elegance were the results of a successful project.

For Superpeer, this redesign helped improve on one thing: simplicity. Plus, the interaction between the company and Slidebean was one of the highlights. 

“It was easy, painless, and the final product was great!” Casey Rock underline. “I didn’t even need to request any revisions, which is always a great sign!”
“It made it easier to provide important information to those who are interested in working with us,” Rock explained. The finished product helped the company have a new perspective for other projects. “Seeing the difference between the original deck and the revamped deck from Slidebean gave me some pointers on what to consider for future decks in terms of layout and design.”

As for Slidebean, the experience was also a success as it not only received approval in the first version, but as a result,  Superpeer ordered a second set of products. All the while, the design team successfully overcame the initial challenge. 

“We managed to merge both the brand guidelines and the website and still maintain that ideal pitch deck look,” Lucía explained about the finished product. “Secondly, I love that the deck does have a lot of text and is still attractive.” 

Here’s the final result:

Superpeer pitch deck slides

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